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Австралийский фотограф выкладывает в своём инстаграме фотографии океанских волн.

8 мин

На аккаунт австралийского фотографа подписаны более 60 тысяч человек.


Австралийский фотограф Уоррен Килан выкладывает в своём инстаграме @warrenkeelan фотографии океанских волн, сделанные им у берегов штата Новый Южный Уэльс, пишет Colossal.

«Меня всегда увлекала природа, а в особенности океан и его постоянно изменяющиеся формы: я чувствую, что просто должен запечатлеть моменты, которые кажутся мне уникальными, — рассказывает автор. — Главное для меня — это создание определённого образа, который способен произвести впечатление».

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Do you ever have days where you wake up feeling flat & uninspired, with a lack of motivation & direction? I spent many years writing & touring original music & now I get to use my creativity and express myself through photography for a living. Sounds like an amazing job right? Believe me it is! But there are times when you feel like the creative juices run low & although the passion is there, it seems like a real battle to find motivation. A few weeks back I was in a creative lull. I'm sure every artist goes through it but when it hits you, it really sucks the fat one. I know why I love what I do, but at times I don’t really feel it. Is this normal? Yep. So how do you reignite that fire & dig your way out of the creative hole? For me personally, I step back & put the camera down. I find that sometimes when you push too hard, you find yourself forcing the art instead of letting it happen. Other times I need to kick my own ass out of bed to hit the water, but that can work too if you go out with an open mind & just experiment. What really helps me is to disconnect myself from the internet, social media & the things you think you need to make it through each day & just unplug. Strangely, after a few days off from the phone, you begin to refocus & the joy of what you do starts to reappear. When you aren’t enjoying your own art, you tend to lose passion. In regards to finding new inspiration, look away from what you are doing, or what others are doing, & find it through other mediums that make you pulse. For me, it’s music. I love finding inspiration within progressive heavy musical art from bands that provoke thought through a darker sonic medium. After listening to an album I always feel the urge to create, try a different technique or even a new location, subject or simply change lenses. One thing that keeps me feeling inspired is to simply keep an open mind. If you follow my work, you’ll see I like to vary my pictures & try new things. However, it all comes back to my love of the ocean, what lives within it or happens on or above it. If you’ve made it thus far, sorry for my ramblings. I just wanted to spew some of my thoughts into words. Huge love! Cheers WK

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